Plan d'activité de l'entreprise


Company activity plan
One, Event time: November 22

Two, Location: Wuyi Mountain

Three,Number of activities: all members of the business department

Fourth, the purpose of the activity: to create a healthy and positive working environment, enhance the spiritual and cultural taste of employees, deepen mutual understanding, cultivate mutual love and affection between members, and strengthen team cohesion.

Five, the activity process

1. All members will prepare their belongings and gather in front of the office building at 8:00 in the morning.

2. After counting the personnel, the president will convey the precautions and the purpose of the activity, and divide it into several groups after the completion. Each team is assigned 1-2 cadres in charge, one team leader and one correspondent.

3. Start to set off and the team marches. The process of the team must be neat and not too noisy. The cadres and team leaders should pay attention to the situation of the team members and determine the appropriate rest time.

4. It is recommended to have a rest time of ten minutes when you arrive at the foot of the mountain.

5. Climbing the mountain. During the mountain climbing process, it is recommended that each team act separately, and each team compares the speed of climbing. The fastest group has the right to write a name on the social flag first, and the slowest group has a punitive performance. There are wonderful parts in the process, so take pictures well. There must be a certain order and pay attention to safety.

Six, Activity arrangement:

1. Group action. You can continue the training team or use each department as the team, and the team leader will arrange the scheduling. In the team, boys can also help girls to receive the effect of "collocation of men and women to climb mountains without getting tired".

2. The team must act in unison in the process of marching and climbing, the team must be tidy, and the captain must take responsibility.

3. It is recommended to prepare an extra social flag, which will be used for signatures of members when climbing to the top of the mountain, and stored in the community as a witness to the activities, and it is also a permanent memory in the hearts of all members

Seven, prepare items

1. Fit clothing (school uniform), shoes

2. Medicines. Such as band-aids, cotton wool, etc.

3. Camera, whistle.

4. Each person prepares an appropriate amount of water and food.
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